SinapTec Ultrasonic Processor is widely used for homogenisation, degassing, enzyme/ DNA extraction, emulsification, reaction acceleration, sonochemistry, cell lysis, extraction, and etc..


·This equipment offers precision and high reactivity to frequency. In every millisecond, this processorensures that the energy can be transferred to the media and the results can be treated under the best conditions.

·The PC board, driven by developed algorithms, is reliable and robust. The generator maximum power has been designed for high levels and provides an instantaneous intensity for most of transducer and probe's performance specification.

·To make scale-up easier, the Ultrasonic Processor for Lab is available in several versions: Lab for axial probes, Lab for radial probes Lab for radial probes and Lab for pipe processor.

·The device has an Ethernet connection,which is as sociated to the“NexJgen Advanced ”PC software,and facilitates the subs equent processing of all yltrasonic data and temperature.

·The trace to source function is guaranteed and the whole process data can be exported to Excel. The LabPro software has quick diagnosis and remote assistance functions