DTS-240 automated solid phase extraction device can be used for extracting analytes of interest from large volume aqueous samples easily and efficiently. The process of column activation, sampling, column elution, column drying, column elution and column switching is operated automatically. It is widely used in food safety test, pesticide residue detection, environmental monitoring, and etc.. The typical applications include PAHs, PCBs, pesticides, herbicides, semi-volatiles, steroids, and etc..


·There are two channels for loading, rinse, dry, and elution simultaneously. It can be extended for more channels by requirements.

·The operation of continuous processing 24 samples can be under unattended.

·Fully enclosed design. The built-in exhaust system can discharge organic gases into the outside.

·Column plunger technology. Since the plunger rod closes to the SPE column packing, the liquid flow rate is set to the same of the actual liquid flow through SPE  column, which can ensure the recovery rate and parallelism of the samples.

·Fit various sizes of SPE column. Easy to replace the plunger rods.

·The parameters of Intelligent operating system can be set on the color touchscreen.